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20 mF Capacitance Meter CM-1500
Features :
- Operational Voltage:- 60 ~ 600V (3 Phase AC)
- Limit Support Voltage:- 2000V/minutes (impulse voltage 4000V)
- Measuring Frequency Range:- 20Hz ~ 400Hz
- Time Limit for Continious Measurement:- Less than 60 minutes at 200V AC
- Less than 4 minutes at 600V AC
200 mF Capacitance Meter CM-1501
Features :
- 3½ Digit Display
- 2000 Counts
- Large LCD Display
- Full Protection function, capacitor with the function of Self discharge
- Strong antimagnetic and anti-jamming performance.
LCR Meter LCR-4070
Features :
- 3½ Digit Display
- 2000 Counts
- Large LCD Display
- Full Protection function
- Capacitor with the function of Self discharge
- Auto Power OFF
LCR- Q Meter LCR-4090Q
Features :
Test signal frequency upto 10Khz
Measurement up to 10 meas/sec
Ultra – Low Power consumption
Data Hold, Max / Min / Average Recording
Standard Mini – USB Interface, SCPI Compatible.
Large Character display with White backlight
Milliohm Meter MO-5000
Features :
Large LCD Display for easy reading
4 wire testing, capable of testing extreme low resistance
Accurate measurement of conductor, electric heading elements and solder
HOLD key for data hold
Connection for external power supply
High measurement range of 0.01mΩ to 2kΩ at 6 ranges
Backlight LCD for easy reading under dark light
Strong anti-magnetic and anti-jamming functions
Full function Protection
Features :
- Re-Calibrated SMD Components Identifier in a Set of Tweezers
- Diode Test
- Auto Power OFF
- Low battery indication
TT 825 Transistor Testers
Features :
3½ Digit LCD Display
2000 Counts
Data Hold Function
Auto Range
Measuring forward voltage, reverse voltage, forward, saturation voltage drop,
amplification factor, reverse leakage current of various crystal diode, audios,
silicon controlled rectifier(SCR), field effect transistor(FET)
Measuring rated working voltage of chemical capacitor, ethylene capacitor,
leaded multilayer ceramic capacitor ,high voltage locker.
Measuring protection voltage of varistor.
Measuring starting voltage of neon bulb, neon lamp
Measuring constant voltage value of 7879 series three-pole circuit.
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