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• Gas/Vapour Filled Thermal Sysytem
• Wider range of measurement from (-) 15 c to (+) 400°c
• Direct and Remote Mounting
• Robust and Precise Device

T-Series Temperature Switches are designed for use in arduous industrial environment. Th gas/vapour illed thermal system in combintaion with diaphragm sealed piston actuator offers stable measurement of temperature.

Actuation mechanism ensures precise switching of desired setpoints. Wide options of microswitches are available to handle different electrical ratings.T-series Temperature Switches are available with rigid stem for direct mounting. Adjustable slding compression gland allows easy installation and adjustment of immersion length.

Standard applications include Heat Exchangers, Evaporators, Heat Throwings, Pumps, Compressors, Furnace, Blowers, Air Dryers and so on.

Ranges (-) 15°c to 400 °c
Deadband Fixed or Narrow adjustable deadband
No. of Microswitches 1 or 2 SPDT (from C)
Repeatability + 1% FSR
Sensor Type Vapour/Gas filled thermal system (316 SS Diaphragm)
Snsor Mounting Remote or Direect
Bulb Dimension  
Remote 316 SS, 9.5 mm dia, 76 mm long Std.
  12 mm dia optional. Length depends on range
Direct 3116SS, 9.5mm dia; for Stem length refer table C.
Process Connection Through 3/8" NPTM sliding Gland
Electrical Connection Type 400 : 3/4" BPTE Std.
                1/2" NPTF optional
  Type 700 : 1/2" NPTF Std.

Pressure & Temperature Switch RT Series

Pressure & Temperature Switch RT Series  Pressure & Temperature Switch RT Series
• Wide Adhustable Range
• Adjustable on-off differential
• In built study snap action switch
• Repeatability +1%
• Weatherproof Enclosure

RTSeries of Pressure Switches utilize seamless bellows as the sensing elemenat. Slimplicity of design asn ease of installation has been stressed for reliable use, even in applications where shock and vibrations asre present. The sending elemant can be used for a variety of process fluids.


For corrosive media, viscous fluids and slurries, RT pressure switches perform well in conjuction with diapharagm type chemical seals.

RT series of Temperature Switches have a vapour fiiled thermostatic element, which consist of a sensing bulb, capillary tube and a bellows elemant. The entire element contains a charge which reacts to temperature variations at the sensing bulb, so that pressure on the bellows increases on rising temperature. The bellows movemenet due on this increase in pressure is utilised to operate the switch.

Available in various ranges to control temperature upto 300°c, with high over temperature limits. RT temperatures switches are available with a selection of capillary lengths. The vapour filled system features small bulb sizes masking installation easy.

Wherever, bulb of temperature switch is exposed to pressure, corrosive fluid or high velocity, a thermowell must be used. Thereaded of flanged thermowells, with length and materials as per aaplication requirement are available.

RT series switches have an excellent record backed by our responsice manufacturing facility. Special appliation assistance always available.

Applications include pumps, compressors, filters,evaporates, heat exchangers, lubrication systems, hydraulic systems, marine equipmeny, heating and air conditioning equipment, turbines, generators, circuit-breakes etc.

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